The hard life I live

I got to learn to be strong in this society

no one will help me when I need to land in someone's arms
because everyone is busy with their own concerns and problems
even though I pass by many people every day, no one sees me
or will sacrifice time to help me,
when I am about to fall down to the deepest despair
In this society, you will learn to manage yourself and develop
by your own experience of life
just as I have to do

Memories that have plagued me day and night,

are following me in both darkness and light
wherever I go, to heaven or hell,
I can not escape them
I have no more tears to shed
they fell down from my cheeks just as a part of me did
when it was at the height of the stairs of heaven
but fell down to this living hell

Every step I take leave traces of despair and loneliness

that follows me wherever I go
Even though my eyes shines and my mouth has a big smile
no one can see and experience the pain in my heart
It is so hard that a part of me has left me
winged as it became from all misery
it flew away from my life
In dark times that I constantly find myself in,
not even my shadow wants to be with me
Where I only have my soul that will not bring me down
but follow me to the end of this misery
I live in
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