The fallen star

The fallen star

It is time to question my lifestyle

look how I am living
I need a place to spend my quiet nights
time to unwind
The memories of mine are hurting me
Yesterday was happiness
Today I live in pain
I lost a friend who brought delight
I am crying because my tears are words my heart can not say
To many memories and to many tears
Hardly parted or separated, we stayed friends
Every once in a while I reminisce
The smile of my friend that made me appreciate life
hoping you are well while I am living in hell
with the memories that is breaking my soul
into small pieces

I know it is better for you in heaven

cause being here is not living
I am trying to find the better days
but always end up in sorrow
What should I do when it is a friend I can not replace?
I have discovered the greatest pain of all
cause my eyes saw my greatest hero fall
and when a hero falls so do the stars too
and there is no light in life
that can bring me happiness again
My perception of tomorrow has fallen
So what should I do
When my greatest friend has died?
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