The truth of love

For me, love is like going out on a long walk in the woods

where there are trails and you neither have map or compass
In the world of love you put everything else aside
the only thing that matters are your feelings
Love for me is to jump into deep water without a life vest
to take a risk when you do not know what to expect
Love can stir,
it can make you happy, confused and heartbroken
it may be your opportunity of a lifetime
but also your life biggest mistake
How do you really define something as difficult and complicated as love?
There is no right or wrong
It is fate that determines what will happen

Love is like a large temple

You walk in but you do not know what is hiding in there
Do you go into the temple to seek forgiveness?
Or do you walk in to find comfort?
We all enter the temple for various reasons
but if you are not ready
you should not walk in the temple
You need to be loved and learn to love someone else back
If you act like you can not love anyone
you should not go in to that temple
because you can hurt someone in this complicated game
of life
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