The shining sun

The shining sun

The sun do not shine forever,

but as long as it is here
we can shine together,
me and you
on the top of the pleasure
I will feel when I have reached my goal in life

since you left my everyday sunshine became darkness

In the dark I was searching for light
because after rain comes sunshine,
the sunshine I once had
Will that light ever come back again?
I know I can bring the bright sunshine to life,
if I survive through the dark night
but it's hard when I hear death knocking on my door,
every day and night,
no matter if there is darkness or light in my thoughts

Now I'm alone,

and I cry
I find it hard to carry on,
because I'm stuck in the dark
I don't know someone that stops that long
to help me carry on,
in the dark I constantly find myself in
Today is filled with despair,
fueled with hidden pain
I'm slowly turning insane
because I either see or feel,
the sunshine I once had in my life
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